The Logic Project Folder

by studio404
The Logic Project Folder

Packing up your Logic Project is a great way to enable you work on it elsewhere, send to engineers or backing up. Logic 9 provides the options to include all assets contained within your project.

This includes audio files, EXS24 sampler instruments and samples, Space Designer impulse response files and more if required. Other assets such as Freeze files will also be included if used in the project.

The Save Project features will work seamlessly with all native Logic assets of course, with the only compatibility issues arising from differing versions of Logic and backwards compatibility.
Including support for 3rd party audio units and plug-ins is dependent on the 2nd system having the same install versions, or a version compatible with the original.

Saving your Project

Logic Pro save as

Logic Pro save as

Follow the save as command and select which assets you wish to include with your project. This will copy files into the current project folder.

Now, one draw back to this, is you will be duplicating all the files used in your track and if you are not careful, you can very quickly build up multiple copies of the same samples. This is usually a result of the EXS24 program files and any unused audio files from the audio bin.

File/Project/Clean Up

This will find any unused audio files and give you the option to remove them from the project folder. Careful here as some files may require keeping, even if you are not using them in the current project, so don’t just select all when the option comes up.


This will collect all the audio files that are located outside of the project folder and bring them together, giving you the option to copy or move.

Delete unused EXS24 samples and keyzones

If your track contains EXS24 programs (instruments) that have multiple samples mapped across the keyboard, then they will all be included in the project if you check the ‘Copy EXS samples to project folder’ box. Let’s assume you may have a drum kit with many samples in but you are only using one or two in your track. You may not want to include the whole kit in the project folder as it will both duplicate samples unnecessarily and increase the project folders overall file size (important when sending to someone).

You will need to save a new version of the EXS24 program file in your project folder first before deleting unused keyzones and samples. Don’t alter the original EXS24 program as you may need this for later tracks.

The quickest way to do this is to check the ‘Copy EXS instruments to project folder’ first.

This creates a folder named ‘Sampler Instruments’ within the project folder in which all the EXS24 program files are saved for use only in that specific project. You are then free to clean them up before checking theĀ  ‘Copy EXS samples to project folder’ box, which will then copy all the samples contained in each EXS24 program in your project.

Ultrabeat Samples

Each Ultrabeat setup is saved as an instance within each track so any sample that you replace, add etc… will be copied when this check box is checked. Again, you can reduce file size by deleting unused samples from the Ultrabeat instance if required. The original kit will not be affected.


One last tip that reduces the overall file size of your project folder is to delete any backup files, undo data or crashed files. Large tracks can easily be in excess of 20Mb so each project file backup can also be a similar size.

logic project

logic project

Happy sequencing! Peace out…