Logic Pro – How to set up your Sampler Instruments Directory (OSX)

Logic Pro – How to set up your Sampler Instruments Directory (OSX)

Setting up the Sampler Instruments directory in Logic is easy by using an alias to the folder you keep all your samples in, it will help when backing up, upgrading or transferring libraries to other computers.

1. Create a folder for your sample library in your desired location. An external drive is a good choice. Name this as you wish (Samples for example), I use ‘Soundfont’ as this is how I had it set up from previous Logic versions.
Soundfont is a file format that the EXS24 Sample Player understands (old school).
2. Right Click or control click this folder and select ‘make alias’.
3. Copy this alias into the following location: Library/Application Support/Logic/Sampler Instruments
4. Rename the alias folder to ‘Soundfont’ (or ‘Samples’ if this is the name you gave) removing the ‘alias’ text.
5. The EXS24 Sampler will look inside this folder (via the alias) for any EXS24 Program files that you create.
6. Create some sub folder directories inside this folder for some logical categories eg, Bass, Keys, EFX etc…
Note: The EXS24 will not see any of the sub directories until you actually save an EXS24 Program file into them.

Try adding a few EXS24 Program files to the original ‘Soundfont’ folder and then browse to them via the EXS24.

This whole folder can then be backed up easily and re-installed if you upgrade your mac.
This also prevents your system drive from getting full of samples, most often TerraBytes’s of data.

Another tip is to create a folder for each track you write. You can then save an EXS24 Program file for the samples you use which will then enable you to track all the sounds you used in any particular track – cool.